Our Services

Research & Strategic Planning (R.S.P.)

Our R.S.P. offering is a full-fledged research and market expansion analysis. Using our local market expertise and knowledge, we help Founders demystify Asia and understand their sustainable competitive advantages and challenges here. The report will contain our market entry principles, recommended expansion strategies, tactics, and recommendations, for successfully landing and succeeding in Asia.

  • Industry and market research
  • Competitive landscape study
  • Ground-up operational perspective on market entry
  • Holistic market entry strategy with actionable tactics and recommendations for expansion

Build Operate Transfer (B.O.T.)

In a B.O.T implementation, we help spearhead your business for its Asia Expansion efforts. For a new business hiring a landing team is often challenging due to initial low brand awareness in a new market. HYPE helps take on the role of an GM, Launcher or Growth Advisor to build, manage, and operate the on-the-ground efforts. Within 6 months we aim to hire, operate and train your landing team to achieve it’s growth targets.

  • Serve as interim GM and responsible for overall growth KPIs
  • Recruit, build, and lead the landing team
  • Product localization and customization for Asia
  • Brand building and marketing operations
  • User acquisition (demand and supply)
  • In select cases, we may assist with fundraising

Operating Investor (O.I.)

We will become a stakeholder not only through our BOT services but also through investing in the partners we work with.

Hype Service Roadmap


Can HYPE help with fundraising?

Yes. HYPE has an extensive and robust network of Venture Capitalists that we work closely with. We partner with investors to help their portfolio companies scale into new markets. At the same time, investors may want access to HYPE's portfolio partners and we can help connect our Founder partners to our network of investors.

How does HYPE select Partners to work with?

When identifying partners, we ask ourselves two fundamental questions: (a) do we believe in the team and Founder; (b) do we believe in the business model and are we confident we can scale it in Asia. It's critical that we have a strong, trusting relationship with a company's leadership team, as this will allow us to move quickly in building operational excellence. We are industry agnostic, but aim to work with companies that have already proven product-market fit within their home market. Expansion can be resource intensive, which is why we typically work with post series-A funded startups.

What are HYPE's focus markets?

Our geographical coverage extends to all of Asia Pacific, with a particularly strong focus in Greater China, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

How is HYPE unlike other Venture Builders?

At HYPE, we pride ourselves on being stakeholders of our partner companies. Unlike other venture builders, we are not satisfied with deploying an in-house resident engineer or designer to support a multitude of portfolio companies on a consultancy basis. Rather, at HYPE, we are fully dedicated to a partner and work alongside their team elbow-to-elbow. We hold ourselves accountable to real growth metrics and deploy the full strength of our regional network to achieve them.

How many partners can HYPE work with?

We don't have a fixed number of partners we work with, but we aim to work with two to three major partner every quarter.

Does HYPE work with Venture Capitalists, Accelerators, or Incubators?

Yes. We are always happy to work with VCs, Accelerators, and Incubators. We believe HYPE can add tremendous value to portfolio companies. Additionally, HYPE has set up an investment fund to take an even greater role in accelerating the growth of our selected partners.

How can I get a consultation?

Email contact@hypeasia.co and let's chat!